Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunday, March 20, 2011

pictures removed

I had to removed them cuz they belong to someone else. It's my fault to use them with them without permission of the owner tho. I save those  pics long time ago but i didn't remember where i found them so i guess I better removed them off my blog. I really love those pics tho. I will try to redesign my blog asap.

It's been raining the whole day. I slept until 2 pm and wake up, play with my cousins and just chilling at home for the rest of the day.
The rain makes me think about him a lot...
Gotta do some study, i have an appointment and maybe a test that's coming next week


Wish we can hold to each other like we used to :(

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By kevinn2790 at 2011-03-17

Earth Quake???

Ok so i came home tonight, saw a lot of boxes in the front gate, then my aunt came out and told me not to lock the gate ( my aunt live in the same house with me). I had a strange feeling about that. After i asked my aunt what happen and she explained that in case if there is an earth quake, we can run out side fast and have foods and water ready for us. I was like wth??? seriously? lol. I think she worries too much. Last few days, she been telling my grandpa not to go out side because of the pollution air from Japan can affect ppl heath in a very bad way. She didn't even let the dogs out to the garden anymore.

But now im kinda starting to worry, my family ( my parents and brother) are living in Asia, not close to Japan but still in Asia. Im worry if anything can happen there, and even if there is, i really want to be there with them. They are the most important ppl in my life, and i wish nothing will ever happen to them. After the earthquake in Japan, it has been cold and rain in my country, too. It might have been affect by the Tsunami and explosion of Nuclear factories. Idk, im just worry right now. And i'm also worry about "him", because I haven't tell him how much i love him yet and i dont want anything happen to "him".


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello there

It's been long time since my last post, i was busy and also lazy to write anything :P, even tho i still reading other blogger 's posts.
   So this is my third week of school, i had a first exam this morning and it didn't go as expect. I got an big C that's so close to an B >_<
  I also start my job for this semester as a Tutor ( i tutor accounting in my school), didn't get many appointment yet

Today i went with a friend to buy a new car for him because he giving his old car to his younger sister, we drove pass by a village that was sooooooooooooo beautiful and i was keep dreaming about living there lol. It is a quiet village on the hills and it has a small lake around and some people was fishing there. It looks so peaceful and such a happy place.
So in the afternoon we end up coming home without the car, we both did not like it and decide to find another car.
By the way, this guy is one of the guy i have a big crush on, he's super cute, fresh looking and very kind. He has a great personality that i ask for in a guy, but i still don't know if he can be gay or bi. I guess i will try to buy more time alone with him lol

I guess that's it, hope everyone have a great weekend that's coming up and a fun Saint Patrick day :)

Peace :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I dont want an ending

So I'm done with my first week of school, got into 5 classes this semester, hope I get good grades this time.
And i bought a new - used car :D. Thank god, i wont' have to drive my uncle's truck anymore ( it's a 2003 Toyota Tundra Truck), that's thing was like a bumpy ride ( if you know what it means, if you don't, go on youtube and search for that song) lol.
So i am upgrading that car right now, gotta buy a headlights kit and other stuff, I show my dad the picture of it and they think it's nice, but my relatives didn't like it just because of the brand, it prob cost more for maintaining but that's why it's great and reliable... omg I hate when people think bad about something because they actually know nothing about it.

This is not the pic of my new car, but it look almost like this one, it's black from inside to outside. It name is Blazin ( i didn't name it, i asked the boy i like to name it for me :X )

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And this is my old car ( I miss it a lot tho) :(
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By kevinn2790 at 2011-02-27

I think i talk too much about my car, it's just my hobby :). I like automobile a lot, especially English car, I dream to own a Jaguar in the next 10 years. I just like cars, but i don't like racing on the street, it's too dangerous for me and others, maybe im too chicken but i hate when people do that. It doesnt do any good, beside it could cost someone else life in a second.

Enough with the post today, i will try to find more time to make a new post in the next few days, and it will be about my life, the gay life one lol.

I suppose to post this song as the title of the post but then i totally 4got lol
here you go :

Peace :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So it's hard to keep up posting daily. I've been very busy lately. New semester start in 2 days and 2 months of winter break had washed of my brain, I'm so not ready for school :(

I've been looking to buy a new -used car lately, it's a paint... just like when i bought my first car, my beloved 1999 Toyota Avalon ( took me like 3 months). It was the best first car ever. I guess i am a very picky person. I just sold my it last week because it was kinda old and after calculated, i think it's a good decision to buy a new one, so i sold it for a good deal :).

I will try to keep updating my post often.
Peace :)

PS: I'm so in love with this photo

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Friday, February 18, 2011

First post

So this is a little about me. My name is Kevjn, it's the nick name i made for myself long ago, i like it with the "J" instead of "I", I'm not gonna give out my real name on here. I'm a 20 years old Asian boy. Well i guess i am no longer consider as "a boy". That's suck, i want to be young forever. I think I'm gay because i don't feel like sexually attractive with girls. I started question my sexuality when i was around 13 or 14, but I never admit it until few years later. Even tho i had crush on other boys since i was in elementary school, but i thought it was just the "best friend" thing.I am still in closet and I only have one gay friend in my real life. I was born and grew up in Asia, I move over sea to US when i was 16 and live by myself in a high school dorm for a short time till i move again to California and live with my relatives. English is my second language and I am suck at learning other languages.

         This is my first post on this blog. I've been reading other blogs for the last few months and finally decided to make one for myself. I like reading other blogs a lot, and i found so many people are living the same life as i am. So hopefully i will make some good friends on here and put down my thoughts which i can not share with anyone in the real life.

          I guess that's all for now.
          Peace :)