Friday, February 18, 2011

First post

So this is a little about me. My name is Kevjn, it's the nick name i made for myself long ago, i like it with the "J" instead of "I", I'm not gonna give out my real name on here. I'm a 20 years old Asian boy. Well i guess i am no longer consider as "a boy". That's suck, i want to be young forever. I think I'm gay because i don't feel like sexually attractive with girls. I started question my sexuality when i was around 13 or 14, but I never admit it until few years later. Even tho i had crush on other boys since i was in elementary school, but i thought it was just the "best friend" thing.I am still in closet and I only have one gay friend in my real life. I was born and grew up in Asia, I move over sea to US when i was 16 and live by myself in a high school dorm for a short time till i move again to California and live with my relatives. English is my second language and I am suck at learning other languages.

         This is my first post on this blog. I've been reading other blogs for the last few months and finally decided to make one for myself. I like reading other blogs a lot, and i found so many people are living the same life as i am. So hopefully i will make some good friends on here and put down my thoughts which i can not share with anyone in the real life.

          I guess that's all for now.
          Peace :)


  1. Welcome to the blogworld, Kevjn! I hope you find the experience to be as wonderful as mine has. I might be an old guy, but so many of us share so much, especially us GLBTQ folks. Since you're new here, please allow me to also say "be careful". You're right in not giving your real name. Also be careful of revealing your email and/or chat screenname. I'm not saying you shouldn't, but there are some out here that hide behind "Anonymous" and aren't so nice. The folks here that matter are the ones who are friendly, supportive, and clearly are more interested in sharing than tearing down! So jump on in the water, it's fine!
    Peace <3
    Jay in VA

  2. thank you for your comment :), I've seen some of your comment on other blogger 's post and you always seem so nice. Even if you are an old guy, just hope there are more old guys like you out there in the real world.

  3. You're welcome, Kevjn. And thank you. I joined the blogworld looking for friends and you can certainly catch more bees with honey than vinegar!
    Peace <3

  4. thanks for following me kevin i look forward to earin more about you Gstar Lee

  5. Welcome. Take care. Congratulation for the nice blog.
    Best whishes

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  6. i saw my follower increased by one and i was like wow, a reader from Cali! :) anyway, i know its hard to blog daily but you will need to know whats the purpose of this blog!!

    are you blogging for yourself or are you blogging for the sake of wanting people to read it?!!! no point doing the latter, so just write whatever comes to mind or how you feel!

    anyway.. welcome to the blogging world! :)

    xoxo from England!