Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So it's hard to keep up posting daily. I've been very busy lately. New semester start in 2 days and 2 months of winter break had washed of my brain, I'm so not ready for school :(

I've been looking to buy a new -used car lately, it's a paint... just like when i bought my first car, my beloved 1999 Toyota Avalon ( took me like 3 months). It was the best first car ever. I guess i am a very picky person. I just sold my it last week because it was kinda old and after calculated, i think it's a good decision to buy a new one, so i sold it for a good deal :).

I will try to keep updating my post often.
Peace :)

PS: I'm so in love with this photo

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  1. Nice pic! Kevjn, you don't have to post every day (unless you want to), and we won't think there's anything wrong with posting when you have time.

    Cool on selling your car. I always hate parting with vehicles I've owned for a while. I usually drive them until the wheels fall off. Hope you find a new one soon that is nice!

    Peace <3