Sunday, March 20, 2011

Earth Quake???

Ok so i came home tonight, saw a lot of boxes in the front gate, then my aunt came out and told me not to lock the gate ( my aunt live in the same house with me). I had a strange feeling about that. After i asked my aunt what happen and she explained that in case if there is an earth quake, we can run out side fast and have foods and water ready for us. I was like wth??? seriously? lol. I think she worries too much. Last few days, she been telling my grandpa not to go out side because of the pollution air from Japan can affect ppl heath in a very bad way. She didn't even let the dogs out to the garden anymore.

But now im kinda starting to worry, my family ( my parents and brother) are living in Asia, not close to Japan but still in Asia. Im worry if anything can happen there, and even if there is, i really want to be there with them. They are the most important ppl in my life, and i wish nothing will ever happen to them. After the earthquake in Japan, it has been cold and rain in my country, too. It might have been affect by the Tsunami and explosion of Nuclear factories. Idk, im just worry right now. And i'm also worry about "him", because I haven't tell him how much i love him yet and i dont want anything happen to "him".



  1. Please remove all of my art from this blog and anywhere else you have it displayed.

  2. Hmm, that does seem a bit paranoid. Especially the air. It's not polluted with radiation. Not here. Not even the West Coast.

    I understand your concern for your family. But if they are west of Japan (and it would be hard for them to be east of Japan!), then they're pretty safe from the radiation, too. The weather isn't likely being affected by the disaster either.

    As tragic as this all was, try not to let your imagination run wild. And try to reassure your aunt so she will not go crazy either.

    Peace <3