Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello there

It's been long time since my last post, i was busy and also lazy to write anything :P, even tho i still reading other blogger 's posts.
   So this is my third week of school, i had a first exam this morning and it didn't go as expect. I got an big C that's so close to an B >_<
  I also start my job for this semester as a Tutor ( i tutor accounting in my school), didn't get many appointment yet

Today i went with a friend to buy a new car for him because he giving his old car to his younger sister, we drove pass by a village that was sooooooooooooo beautiful and i was keep dreaming about living there lol. It is a quiet village on the hills and it has a small lake around and some people was fishing there. It looks so peaceful and such a happy place.
So in the afternoon we end up coming home without the car, we both did not like it and decide to find another car.
By the way, this guy is one of the guy i have a big crush on, he's super cute, fresh looking and very kind. He has a great personality that i ask for in a guy, but i still don't know if he can be gay or bi. I guess i will try to buy more time alone with him lol

I guess that's it, hope everyone have a great weekend that's coming up and a fun Saint Patrick day :)

Peace :)

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  1. Cool, man! Good to hear things are going OK, even with the C.

    The small village sounds nice. I've seen some I'd like to live in, too, but I live in suburbia.

    I hope you have a great St. Pat's day, and the same for your weekend.

    Peace <3