Sunday, March 20, 2011

pictures removed

I had to removed them cuz they belong to someone else. It's my fault to use them with them without permission of the owner tho. I save those  pics long time ago but i didn't remember where i found them so i guess I better removed them off my blog. I really love those pics tho. I will try to redesign my blog asap.

It's been raining the whole day. I slept until 2 pm and wake up, play with my cousins and just chilling at home for the rest of the day.
The rain makes me think about him a lot...
Gotta do some study, i have an appointment and maybe a test that's coming next week


Wish we can hold to each other like we used to :(

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By kevinn2790 at 2011-03-17


  1. Very cute and innocent pic. Thanks for posting dear friend.

  2. nice pic. I saw that comment. I understand both sides. Good you were polite and removed them. You can find freely licensed stuff if you look long enough.

    Peace <3

  3. High Kev,
    Thanx for becoming a follwer of me blog.
    ANd ehm..cheer up sunny boy, be proud of who you are every single day, "fuck the rest,you're the best" is my motto!.
    koen from "Been there-Done that.."